Teacher Testimonial

Mrs. Tammy Hyatt

School: Lapeer County Tech-Ed Center

Years Teaching: 26 

"A specific example of a specially rewarding experience I've had as an AFNR Educator was when my students successfully organized and implemented a leadership lock-in similar to a 360 Fall Leadership Conference but addressed setting goals, diversity and career success. They put it on by themselves but the impact was seen at our annual chapter banquet when the seniors expressed how the lock in had changed their lives. They also gave back as they packed and distributed 100 Christmas dinners including chicken and all the trimmings."

School: Coopersville High School 

Years Teaching: 32

"I feel that I am able to help my students find a passion for agriculture and the food related Industries. It has been my pleasure to continually show students how great our industry is! Over the years I have been able to be an integral part in weddings and family moments with former students because of the tight knit bonds we have. Not many other kinds of teachers have that experience."

School: Heartlands Institute of Technology 

Years Teaching: 22 

"I became an AFNR Educator because I wanted to help students as a teacher like my teachers assisted me. It is especially rewarding when past students come back to see me and tell me about how I made a difference. Seeing students grow and accomplish tasks and goals makes my job the best career ever."

Mr. Jason Griffith

Mr. Kent Bollinger

School: Lenawee ISD Tech Center

Years Teaching: 3 

"I decided to become an AFNR educator because I know how valuable my AFNR Education experience was to me as a high school student and I wanted to pass on the same value to my students. It is very rewarding to work with students every day and see how they learn and grow in the AFNR field and to see what they become once they leave my program."

Ms. Johanna Lentz

Eaton Rapids High School

Years Teaching: 20

"My reasoning for becoming an AFNR Educator was to provide more opportunities for students in my community. During my last parent teacher conferences, many parents thanked me for providing the opportunity for kids to be in a hands-on agrscience course and be part of FFA. It's touching to be told that these classes are helping to motivate the kids to be more involved in the school and the community." 

Mrs. Jennifer Grivins

Corunna High School

Years Teaching: 1

"I love my job! I worked with a student last year as an intern who was overwhelmingly nervous to answer a question in class, let alone be up in front of a crowd, but I just couldn't shake this feeling she could do well in a contest. She just needed a confidence boost! We had an opening on the junior high conduct of meetings team and she, reluctantly, filled the spot and was so nervous to do any part of it. She came in to see me before school and stayed longer than her team did after school to practice her lines and part as sentinel for her team. Every day she mentioned how silly she felt trying to do this, and how she'd never be able to do it justice - she feared she'd hold her team back. But we continued to practice day after day. Two days before contest, she barreled into the room and was a whole new person: unimaginably stoked to be going to contest night! Her team ended up making it on to regionals, and this year she's told me she's going to be on a demonstration team. It's the little things, like revealing to someone a part in them they didn't know they had, that make this job not just my job, but my passion."

Miss Casie Forbush